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TEC has one mantra – “Technology Made Easy,” and we’re all about helping businesses, big and small, get the tech they need in a simple way. Based in Arendal, we understand the local scene in Agder, and are here to guide everyone through picking the right tech solutions. We focus on giving advice that makes technology easy and accessible for all businesses. Whether you’re just starting out or already a big player, TEC is here to help you find tech that fits just right, without any hassle.


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Tom-Eddie Terjesen

Erik Sziraki

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At TEC, we’re all about “Technology Made Easy,” and we’re on the lookout for people who share our passion. It’s not just about your resume; it’s your interest in tech that really counts. Join us, and you’ll find yourself in a supportive and creative team where innovation is part of daily life. Here, everyone plays a crucial role in helping businesses navigate the tech world. If you’re eager to learn, contribute, and make a real difference, TEC could be your next big opportunity. Come be a part of our mission to simplify technology for everyone.