Technology made easy!

TE Terjesen Consulting is a local information technology consultancy that simplifies technology for your business so that you can focus on what you do best. We are specialists who assist with everything from consultancy, security, operation of services and information technology.

Our Services

We deliver a range of services in order to make technology easy for our clients


Hacking, loss of data and loss of access to critical systems can have fatal consequences for any company. We offer everything from analysis to guidance and implementation of security measures.


We make sure that business critical systems are always available from private cloud data center at Longum Næringspark in Arendal.


We specialize in network equipment from different brands and assist with setting up everything from fiber connections to wireless networks and connecting devices.


We also offer hardware and software support, meeting room setup, installation of hardware and software, troubleshooting, consultant services, training, software licenses and everything in between.

Simen Wik
Simen Wik
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For several years, TE Terjesen Consulting has proven that they are the best in their areas of expertise. Greater specialists are hard to come by, and since they always go that extra step to make sure to deliver top quality the choice of IT-partner is easy.

About Our Company

TE Terjesen Consulting solves IT related problems and realize opportunities.

Our vision is to make technology easy for every business we cooperate with, and by that we mean that we break techical barriers and help businesses leverage techonogy so that they can focus on what they do best, while we handle IT.

Our goal is to be the preferred IT partner in Agder